Framing Stories (ADATA AiR, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2018)

The new over the old or inexplicably, the old over the new. Its the city of Plovdiv (Bulgaria), a constant conversation between ancient and contemporary. Ruins, mansions, renovations, new constructions…signs of life, movement and exchange through which I have been involved during the ADATA AiR. To observe daily life as well as to pay attention to the city architecture has been equally important to understand its beat and to slowly discover its ornaments and realise how a culture is based on its former trying to get to something new and better.

Plovdiv is conformed of a display of different architectural styles and a mixture of culture that enrich its heritage. Architecture, as well as culture in they city are for my project a point to develop my research regarding the use of ornaments through the different epoch, its influences from one to another style and its use in daily life through digital painting. These digital paintings show the framing obsession of the Bulgarian Revival Period (18th-19th) walls decoration, the geometrical lines that frame the uniform colours of the walls, delimitating doors, windows, “Alafrangas”, or even the switchers. This ornamentation of the architectonical elements is seen outside and inside the building walls, it decorates it facades and frames its rooms and, as a part of a former culture, it has been taken to contemporary architectural decoration. A fact that makes the framing ornamental geometrical line a common element of the ornamentation in Plovdiv. And, as a part of the city, it is part of its inhabitants.

ADATA Artist in Residency
ECOC (European Capital of Culture) Plovdiv, Bulgaria