European Prize for Applied Arts.
Mons, Bélgica

Isabel Flores + Almudena Fernández Fariña

12/12/2021 – 06/03/2022

Isabel Flores and Almudena Fernández Fariña are two artists whose work develops within the field of expanded painting. This open strategy supposes an approach to disciplines related to applied arts and ornamentation.

The use of ornamental compositions, result of compositional schemes based on repetition, symmetry, rotation or translation of a motif, is a recurrent resource in their site-specific paintings, and a strategy that allows them cover the surface, transform spaces and create new affective bonds between people and places.

In Ornamenting the Space, Naming the Place, the artists propose a dialogue between two ornamental designs whose motifs have different origins: on the one hand, from a three- dimensional shape, Fernández generates a dynamic all-over pattern that find itself between the organic and the geometric. On the other hand, Flores creates an ornamental motif whose graphics conceal a message -No es Delito- (It is not a crime) that appeals to prejudices rooted in modern discourse.

The work is conceived as a whole as both artists have work together, taking an applied art and craft technique to a contemporary expression.
The revaluation of ornament, reflection on painting and its environment and the assumption of error as a inherent quality of manual process, defines the work of these artists based on the use of ornaments to question categories, essentialist discourse and dissolve genres, thus blurring the boundaries between art and crafts and painting and decoration.


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